Six Finance Books that all Financial Professionals Should Read

Make the most out of your career, and stay ahead of the major trends in the financial industry. For a competitive edge, add these six books to your bookshelf.


Security Analysis

Published in 1934, this book positioned Benjamin Graham and author David Dodd to pick the nation up from out of the Great Depression. With both writers being business professors at Columbia University, this book revolutionized fundamental analysis at the time. After looking back on the major losses, it becomes clear; making a big fuss about “reported earnings” may have been necessary.


Nudge: Improving Decisions about Health, Wealth and Happiness

“Nudge” isn’t just the name of this book; it’s a financial concept that derives from behavioral analysis. The book looks at how our decisions are shaped—or nudged. It considers how positive conditioning and other-indirect forces influence our behaviors.


Common Sense on Mutual Funds

Since mutual funds rely on a group of stocks, a fund’s price will stay in one steady direction in most cases. It’s for this reason that the book’s author, John Bogle, suggests index and mutual funds for everyone entering the financial markets. This book is a good option for new investors who are ready to see prices in live action.


The Alchemy of Finance

George Soros is dubbed as the only person who “broke the Bank of England,” which happened in the early ‘90s. His work in the foreign exchange gave him a unique perspective, which you’ll uncover within these pages. Each chapter goes into detail about a theory that Soros defines as “human uncertainty.” He describes how consumer behavior makes everything in finance unpredictable.


The Secret Life of a #1 Salesman

Being a sales expert is necessary if you want to elevate your career or to reach your greatest potential. You not only need to sell the products of the firm you work for. Selling yourself will give you better opportunities and greater public respect. This book aims to “develop you from the inside out.”


Barbarians at the Gate: The Fall of RJR Nabisco

Finance professionals need to understand that equity and wealth go beyond the stock and bond markets. “Barbarians at the Gate” takes from a group of articles that cover the public buyout of RJR Nabisco. This book gives a firsthand account of what a buyout consists of.