Podcasts That Will Make You Smarter with Money

Podcasts are a great way to take advantage of the time you have during long commutes, chores, or even workouts. There are podcasts available for every interest, and it can be overwhelming to choose from the seemingly unlimited options. If you’re looking to learn more about managing your money, the following podcasts are a great place to start!


So Money features Farnoosh Torbai, a leading personal finance authority for young adults. Her podcast features interviews with top entrepreneurs, authors, and influencers. So Money has won a variety of awards from sources such as Entrepreneur Magazine and Inc. Magazine.


For those interested in additional income streams through side businesses, The Side Hustle Show is a great choice. The Side Hustle Show offers ideas and strategies from successful entrepreneurs, and will help you to take your side business to the next level.


Smart Passive Income is another podcast aimed at helping you earn more passive income through a hands-off business. The podcast is produced by entrepreneur Pat Flynn, and will walk you through setting up your own source of passive income.


Radical Personal Finance is led by Joshua Sheats, an experienced professional financial advisor. He uses storytelling and interviews to create an engaging podcast that will help lead you toward financial freedom.


Paula Pant, a real estate investor and blogger, shares her wisdom in her podcast Afford Anything. Her philosophy is rooted in the idea that you can “afford anything, but not everything”. She discusses how to make smarter decisions about your time and money, and how you can use your daily habits to create the lifestyle you want.


Money for the Rest of Us, by financial expert David Stein, helps listeners learn how to take control of their financial decisions and save for retirement through lessons on wealth building and investing.


Stacking Benjamins seeks to make finance more approachable and entertaining. The tone is light and friendly, and features a wide variety of interesting characters. It’s no wonder the show has won so many awards!


If you’re looking for a tried and true podcast, The Tim Ferriss Show has over 3,000 five star reviews and over 200 million downloads! It’s also been ranked the #1 business podcast on Apple Podcasts. The podcast covers more than just finance, but you can pick out the financial episodes if that’s all that you’re interested in.
These podcasts will help you learn more about money in a way that’s both entertaining and informative, whether you’re a finance professional, entrepreneur, or just someone looking to take control of your personal finances.