Online Sources to Improve Your Financial Literacy

Expensive college classes and spending hours studying is no longer required if you want to improve your financial literacy. Thanks to the information era, people today are taking control of their financial lives by using online sources that provide free education and training. If you want to improve your financial literacy, here are some reputable sites you can visit.

Started by the Federal Financial Literacy and Education Commission, this website is ideal for people who want to spend less and save more. The site includes budgeting worksheets and quizzes on money topics such as borrowing and earning interest. There is no cost to users.

This financial website offers an abundance of information on all things related to money. From learning common money terms to complex investing, Investopedia covers every aspect of finance. If you find yourself struggling with financial jargon or you want to learn more about personal finance, Investopedia is the online encyclopedia for finance and money.

Khan Academy
Some educators refer to this online source as a revolution in the way people learn about finance. Rather than trying to navigate financial markets aimlessly, a former hedge fund manager named Salman Khan decided to offer free education to anyone who wanted to learn more about finance. The Khan Academy provides an extensive curriculum for those who want to learn as much as they can about finance, and it is entirely free.

If you want to stay on top of financial markets in the U.S. and abroad, MarketWatch is a great choice. Created by the Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch delivers real-time stock quotes and the latest news from the world of finance. You can monitor the major exchanges and build a portfolio of stocks that you would like to track. The site also offers tutorials and articles on investing and trading.

Business Insider
If you want to learn more about a wide range of financial topics, then Business Insider is a site you should visit. From small business news and education to finance and economics, this site delivers a plethora of information for both beginners and experts alike. Business Insider tries to present content that is easily digestible making it a goldmine for those who want to learn more finance and business. The site also delivers legitimate news stories on all things related to finance.