How to Cut Crypto Taxes

The following are nine ways you can use to cut crypto taxes in some situations:


  1. Hold Gains Longer: Holding short-term gains until they turn into long-term gains might be one technique you can use. Capital gains rates change based on the length you hold a particular cryptocurrency. Patience can pay off if you hold crypto for a minimum of a year before selling since you might get a lower tax rate.
  2. Use Capital Losses to Offset Your Gains: There are limits to this particular technique, but you might be able to subtract losses you suffer on your crypto assets if you sold them during the same year you generated taxable gains via cryptocurrencies or even other investments appreciating in their value.
  3. Sell During Low-Income Years: If you have a low-income year, then consider selling it, so you get tax relief on both short- and long-term capital gains. Moving into a lower bracket or just staying low keeps your income tax rate lower, so take advantage of it.
  4. Minimize Your Taxable Income: Scour the entire tax code for any credits or deductions you can use to minimize your taxable income. Expensive medical procedures might be one, as are contributions to certain 401(k) and IRA plans. Charity donations and health savings accounts also usually qualify.
  5. Use a Self-Directed IRA: Some Individual Retirement Accounts can be self-directed for particular investment angles, and cryptocurrency is one of them. An SDIRA can be tax-free or just tax-deferred based on its particular creation, and that might let you enjoy lower tax rates at the time of distribution.
  6. Give Family Members Assets: The IRS allows you an annual gift, per family member, of as much as $15,000 without any tax consequences. Recipients might earn such a low income that they pay no taxes for appreciated property if they sell it. They might also just pay fewer taxes than if you sold it yourself.
  7. Make Charitable Donations: This isn’t the aforementioned tactic of cash donations for tax deductions. Rather, you can donate appreciated cryptocurrency to a charity. You’ll avoid capital gains tax but also possibly get serious tax deductions to claim on your annual tax return.
  8. Move to a New State: State-level income taxes can be a double whammy on top of federal taxes. However, there are certain states that have no income taxes. Keep more of your cryptocurrency gains by living in a state with no or low taxes on investment gains.
  9. Bequeath Things to Your Estate: This one can be risky, given volatile cryptocurrencies can be over time, especially if you have a lot of years left.