Finance Museum Opens in Zurich


When people plan to visit a museum, they likely expect to see artifacts, pieces of art, or a glance into history. Museums tend to highlight specific facets of life, past and present. With exhibits for a wide range of audiences, the people of Zurich have decided to open a completely unique museum for those who love the number game. At the end of June, the Swiss Finance Museum opened its doors and gave the world a new one of a kind lesson on the history of Switzerland’s economy.


As most museums do, this financial exploration gives a great history lesson on the state of the finances over the years. In addition to highlighting the past of the Swiss financial markets, the museum also gives visitors an insight into the potential future of the economy. The museum is located in the office building of SIX, who operates the Swiss financial infrastructure. With it being located in such an ideal spot, the museum provides opportunities for visitors to understand the ins and outs of the financial standings of Switzerland.


Various multimedia structures gives anyone interested an opportunity to learn about the financial markets in depth. Every topic from the stock markets to a cashless future for the country is covered through the interactive videos and touch-screen displays. One of the benefits of the interactive museum allows the public to understand the training program that is used in the stock markets of Switzerland. Visitors also get to experience what a typical day on the Swiss stock exchange entails. The “stock exchange game” gives museum goers a true insight into how the markets work on a daily basis.


If you are a fan of finance and visiting the Zurich area, the Swiss Finance Museum is a great new attraction to add to your trip. The museum offers private or public guided tours to enjoy. Additionally, guests are able to follow along simply through an app in the language of their choice.