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Switzerland Ranked The Most Economically Free Nation in Europe by Etienne Kiss-Borlase

Switzerland Ranked The Most Economically Free Nation in Europe

According to an annual index conducted by the Heritage Foundation—an American conservative think tank—Switzerland is currently the most economically free country in Europe. Their 2016 Index of Economic Freedom put Switzerland in fourth place in the overall rankings, just behind Hong Kong, Singapore, and New Zealand. It was also one of only five countries, along with Australia, to qualify for their economically “free” status (which required a score… Read more →


Geneva Announces First Ever Strategic Economic Plan

Geneva is known for having one of the highest densities of millionaires per capita in the world. But recently, it has been running a budget deficit, and it’s having a hard time keeping up with the growing strength of the Swiss franc, making many companies reconsider the area as their European headquarters. In January, the Swiss central bank surprised everyone by eliminating… Read more →


Big Four Expand Law Division

For years, law firms have made a handsome living putting their employees years of schooling to work at an hourly rate that can hurt individuals and companies pockets alike. The most common gripe from clients stems from the fact that many pay top attorney money for jr attorney work. This trend has led many clients to take their business elsewhere, a migration that… Read more →