Bitcoin Success Stories

Yeah, Bitcoin is cool if you are a tech wiz, but what good is it? Has anyone become a millionaire by investing in Bitcoin? Learn about the latest Bitcoin success stories.


Bitcoin Millionaire


Bitcoin was started in 2009. Officially, its value was ZERO back then. But now, Bitcoins have risen dramatically and are creating some millionaires.


One such Bitcoin millionaire was reported on Forbes. He was called Mr. Smith (to hide his identity). He only stays at 5-star hotels.


This Bitcoin millionaire had visited Las Vegas, Monaco, New York City and Singapore in the previous thirty days. Where did he get all this money? Did he win the lottery?


Instant Millions from Bitcoin


In a way he did, but the name of this lottery was Bitcoin. Mr. Smith was a software engineer in Silicon Valley. Circa July 2010, this geek purchased a few Bitcoin at the price of $0.008 – Yes, you got that right. Technically, it was worth less than 1 penny.


Then, Bam! This cryptocurrency appreciated tenfold to being worth 8 pennies. Mr. Smith did his research and prepared to invest again in October 2010.


How much did he invest?


He had a good job. He thought the cryptocurrency technology was the real deal. So, he decided to invest $3,000 when Bitcoin was 15 cents apiece.


What happened? Bitcoin appreciated to $350 and then $800 – Mr. Smith sold a little each time. Before he knew it, he had $2.3 million all thanks to Bitcoin.


His girlfriend said, “He’s constantly talking about Bitcoin. If he starts talking about it, he’ll never stop. Ever.” And, why should he?


Many Bitcoin Success Stories


Believe it or not, this is not the only Bitcoin success story. In fact, all of the early investors, who waited long enough, might be wealthy. How high can Bitcoin go?


The good news is that Bitcoin is now mainstream and respectable. The bad news is that you are not going to find one single Bitcoin for less than a penny. But, can this cryptocurrency continue to rise?


Only the future can tell whether there will be millions of Bitcoin millionaires. Just like Mr. Smith, they might be “constantly talking about Bitcoin” and with good reason.