2021’s Fastest Growing Cryptocurrencies

2021’s Fastest Growing Cryptocurrencies The cryptocurrency space is fast-changing, and gigantic players like Bitcoin are slowly losing their strong industry grip. In 2021, several small cryptocurrencies have risen the ladder, while several bigger cryptos have lost their traction. Any investor thinking of adding cryptocurrencies to their portfolio must know the following fast-growing cryptocurrencies:



Dogecoin is a 2013-born cryptocurrency originally made for memes. The initial idea was to create a joke-like coin based on the dog meme. Billy Markus, an IBM software engineer, and Jackson Palmer, an Adobe software engineer, made the coin as a meme coin. Currently, Dogecoin’s market capacity stands number six in the cryptocurrency space. The currency has grown from a value of $0.00 to new highs of more than $.6. It’s currently tagged as one of the fast-growing cryptocurrencies. Its market cap as of July 2021 is capped at $32,049,924,401.59 while its volume is 2,636,125,440.



Tether comes second among the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies. Besides being a stable-value cryptocurrency, Tether has witnessed expansive market cap growth over the last few years. It has a market cap of $254,951,569,935.21 and 24-hour trading volume of $26,935,130,833.78 9.24%. Tether has quite a high trading demand and remains the most valuable stable coin existing. Compared to other stable coins such as DAI, GUSD, and USDC, tether offers higher interest.



Ethereum is a De-Fi blockchain that comes second after bitcoin in terms of market cap and value. Known as Tether, Ethereum’s cryptocurrency has a value of 2098. 38 and a market cap of 252.28B. Just like Dogecoin, Ethereum was originally launched with a $0 value. Despite its humble background, Ether has grown to be one of the biggest and most traded cryptocurrencies.



Cardano is highly reputed for its fast growth pace and high growth potential. The crypto was initially launched in 2015 and has grown to be a highly traded cryptocurrency today. Cardano runs on an Ouroboros blockchain, which supports dual blockchains. The first blockchain supports the management of everyday transactions, while the second one manages smart contracts. Its dual-blockchain technology and the Proof of Stake algorithm make it a great cryptocurrency for investors. Cardano’s market capacity is currently capped at 43.896B, while its price is $1.377. Cardano has an estimated volume of 2,512,559,872 and a 24-hour trading volume of 2.51B.