About Etienne Kiss-Borlase

Etienne Kiss-Borlase

From the time he was a little boy, Etienne Kiss-Borlase has always been fascinated with numbers and the way the world works. This inquisitiveness is what led Etienne to attend the University of Economical Science of St-Gall in Switzerland, where he received a degree in Economics as well as his Master in Business Administration (MBA).

Shortly after graduation, Etienne Kiss-Borlase joined CS First Boston in the UK  for two years, working on the primary market for Switzerland’s top 12 listed companies. He quickly realized that his experience with financial services together with his excellent knowledge of international tax, accounting, and audit could provide substantial added value in corporate management and structuring.

After returning to Geneva, he pursued and received his Certified Public Accountant (CPA) diploma. This education has taken Etienne Kiss-Borlase even farther than he imagined in his career. It helped him forecast changes that would affect his companies and thus initiate the proper changes well in advance. It also gave him invaluable insight into disparate parts of the financial world that most people would not normally combine.

He is the founder of many financial service companies including is self-named company E. Kiss-Borlase, Bureau Fiduciaire SA in Geneva, Switzerland. Etienne Kiss-Borlase is also President of Global Audit Services (GAS) SA, located in Geneva, Switzerland; President and Managing Director of Swiss Fiduciary and Advisory Services Pte. Ltd, in Singapore; and Managing Director of JV Energy Consulting Pte. Ltd. (a company active in the Oil & Gas industry that provides advisory services to major corporations) in Singapore.

His personal company provides advisory services to other companies as well as individuals. With corporations, they assist with company set-up, company administration and compliance, bookkeeping, financial reporting and structuring including tax optimization. With individuals, E. Kiss-Borlase, Bureau Fiduciaire SA advises mostly with tax related matters, auditing and assessment, and relocation of assets. For families, they assist clients with asset protection and inheritance matters, as well as provide tailored solutions to individuals with specific needs.

Since 2001, Etienne Kiss-Borlase has also been the President of the “Wealth Manager Owners’ Association”  (Groupement Patronal des Gérants de Patrimoines. The members of this association must be owners of their companies and must have practiced in Switzerland. This groups mission is to defend the wealth management industry as a whole, but specifically independent asset managers, small wealth management banks, fund managers, fiduciairies and trust companies, and more. It stands for a free access to the market and a constructive collaboration with the authorities. It was founded in 1938 and is the oldest asset management association in Switzerland. Etienne is only the fourth president.

The Wealth Manager Owners’ Association is the Founder of Alliance-Finance. Two representatives of the Association are appointed permanently on the Board of Alliance-Finance. Alliance-Finance is the most respected interest group in Switzerland in finance related matters.

Etienne Kiss-Borlase’s diverse background, track record of success, and vast leadership experience is what sets him apart, making him one of the most sought after financial advisors in Switzerland.