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How Stable is the Swiss Economy?

  The economy of Switzerland is one of the most stable economies in the world. This is mainly attributed to the highly developed service sector. Its prestigious banks have played a vital role in giving the country an impressive reputation in the financial sector. That combined with political stability has made Switzerland a safe haven for investors, thus leading to… Read more →

Top Swiss Financial Institutions of 2016

Financial crisis has triggered a wave of new regulations in Switzerland in the recent past. Besides stability for the overall economic system and customer protection, the ongoing reforms are a reaction to harmonize Swiss regulations with existing and future EU regulations and international restrictions. These changes in the regulatory framework have been coupled with a variety of legal developments, especially… Read more →

How Will The Swiss Economy Thrive In 2017?

Switzerland is home to a thriving banking industry that has been around for some time. The idea of placing money in a Swiss bank is quite common in the American lexicon, and it aligns with how strong the industry is in the country. This article explains how the country will see growth inside and outside of banking. There are quite… Read more →

Swiss Financial Institutions Scope For New Opportunities

Investment and finance experts in Switzerland are rediscovering a market that they’ve always had right in front of them. When the global financial crisis had its breakout moment in 2008, the lucrative Swiss banking industry was forced to confront not only its operations but also its branding. After decades of catering to the ultra-rich and the secretively wealthy, Swiss bankers… Read more →

3 Ways the Brexit Vote Affects the Swiss

The political structure of Europe is vastly changing before the very eyes of many long time citizens and patrons. For the most part, the British vote to leave the European Union (Brexit) has not been good news for most of the European countries. With many downturned economic trends forecasted for the next few months, the minds of many are filled… Read more →

Comparing the Swiss Economy on a Global Scale

With Switzerland regaining their second place on the global competitive economic scale, Hong Kong continues to be the only country more competitive than this EU country. The rankings, that were first conducted in 1989, is a comprehensive report that evaluates countries across all over the world on a wide range of criteria. This report assesses 61 countries, according to criteria… Read more →

Swiss Investors are Emigrating to Retire by Etienne Kiss-Borlase

Swiss Investors are Emigrating to Retire

Legg Mason, a US investment management firm, recently conducted an international survey asking 5,370 major investors across 19 countries what their views about the financial markets are right now. A standout statistic from this survey claimed that one in three Swiss investors are now intending to emigrate in order to retire if they do not meet their savings goals. Other European countries were… Read more →

Switzerland Ranked The Most Economically Free Nation in Europe by Etienne Kiss-Borlase

Switzerland Ranked The Most Economically Free Nation in Europe

According to an annual index conducted by the Heritage Foundation—an American conservative think tank—Switzerland is currently the most economically free country in Europe. Their 2016 Index of Economic Freedom put Switzerland in fourth place in the overall rankings, just behind Hong Kong, Singapore, and New Zealand. It was also one of only five countries, along with Australia, to qualify for their economically “free” status (which required a score… Read more →